Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My poor husband

I really need to clean out my camera cause today I could have gotten some good "after" shots of what I saw when I came home from work today, and I can only imagine what my husband went through today. My first inkling that something was up, was this morning. I got a call from my husband at work. He said that he had put Astrid in the living room to crawl around and went and rested cause he was still tired. When he came back in the living room, she was crawling around naked - and she was not naked when he went to lay down! After inspecting the baby butt for signs of poop, and inspecting the floor for signs of poop - and finding none, he went on the hunt for the diaper. It was on the floor in front of the TV, with poop in it!

Then, when I came home, Astrid was sitting in her chair, fussing and eating. I gave her some dinner, and since she was so messy, I decided to give her a bath. While feeding her, I saw one of her baby toys on the counter COVERED in diaper rash ointment! OMG!!!!! When I put her in the tub, there were towels on the floor in the hallway, and some poop on the side of the I wipe that off, and ask James about it. He says he will tell me later. So, I go to clean off her high chair and see poop in her high chair! Right at the part that goes between her legs. She was NOT poopy when I put her in the tub. So I have to know, WHAT HAPPENED??? So I asked him. "James did Astrid poop in her high chair???" Here is what he said happened today:
1. James had Astrid in her room for about 15 seconds (his estimate). During that time she got into the diaper rash ointment and got covered in it, she also rolled around the carpet with it, so there was ointment on the carpet, on her, on that toy I saw, and on one of Zoe's chair's and her little table.
2. James had Zoe in her high chair to feed her. After a bit he noticed that she had pooped all over herself and all over the high chair, so he had to wash her gross!

I felt so bad for him - Zoe never did any of that when she was a baby!

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Laina said...

Hahah! That is AWEFUL! Poor guy! I can't even imagine dealing with that!