Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No I haven't dropped off the face of the earth

Well it's been a while since I've posted, but nothing really happened much since the last post. Well, no I take that back. Let's see, James' mom Shannon was up here visiting us over Christmas break, and she left on New Years Day. Zoe was so sad to see her go. She loved having Grandma Shannon to visit. The night before she left, Zoe was crying because she didn't want her to go away on the airplane. When we explained that she needed to go so she could go back to her own house, and her job and her kitties, Zoe said "I want to go on a moving truck so I can be close to Grandma!". James was there listening as well as myself and Shannon, and he immediately looked at us to see which one of us put her up to saying that, and I could say that neither of us did. It was so sweet, and so sad to hear her say that. I've been thinking a lot about leaving Alaska recently, ever since I talked to my mom over Thanksgiving and she was so sad about us living so far away. It's hard though because I think about how we moved up here on a whim - "let's move to Alaska! Okay!" and we just went, with pretty much no money and no job. It's so bad that we can't just do that in reverse. It's definitely got us thinking about where else we could go, and how we could do that. The easiest option would of course be if I could transfer with my job, since KPMG does have offices all over the country, although, that plan is now impossible to do, since....I got fired today. Yup yup, I got canned. Apparently my best efforts to stay there through May and then look for a job in another office and get out of my manager's hair did not work out. Sigh. As I look back over my work history over the past several years, it's really disheartening. I have not managed to land at a place and stay there long term, which is really what I want. I do want to be one of those people walking around able to be secure and comfortable with where they are because they've been there for 5, 10, 15 years and who's gonna fire them now? I can't help but wonder why, why nothing seems to work out jobwise, why I can't find a good company who wants to keep me around. Why???
Now on to some good news. Some people who check my Facebook page may know this if they checked in November, but most other people don't know. Zoe qualified to recieve a wish from the Make a Wish Foundation in November! No she's not dying. Kids qualify to recieve a wish if they have a "life threatening" condition, but they don't necessarily have to be dying. The severity of Zoe's heart defects (even post surgery) qualify as life threatening, so she gets to make a wish! 2 volunteers will be coming on Friday evening to see what she would like. I've asked her, but she says she doesn't know. I've told her not to worry, that the people will help her figure it out, so who knows what she will wish for, but I'm sure it will be good!