Friday, July 3, 2009

Too funny to not put up here - remember this???

I just had to post this video - I found it again on a list of "Best Moments in TV Dance History" and I think it's hysterical. I love Paul Rudd - he is awesome!!! And while Justin may not have been my favorite N-Sync-er (that honor belongs to Lance Bass "I love you Lance!!!") he has proven that he has quite the sense of comedy and can make fun of himself.

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laurel said...

I saw your comment on Paul Cardall's blog. Totally freaked me out when I saw your name...I am Laurel Nelson too. I guess now that I am married I am Laurel Nelson-Hill. Crazy. I saw that and thought, has someone taken my identity? You have a cute blog! I follow Paul's blog because my 16 year old has had 6 open heart surgeries. My son loves his blog. It brings him much hope.