Sunday, February 1, 2009

Make a Wish update

The 2 very nice volunteers from the Make a Wish foundation came to our house a couple weeks ago now. They were very nice ladies and they brought Zoe some presents, so she liked them and still talks about it. They brought her a a tiny "Kota the Triceratops" toy - it looks like her big one except it's brown. If you touch it's back it growls and turns it's head and purrs. Pretty cute. They also brought her some cool flip top markers - very cool too, the caps don't come off, they just flip off and down to the bottom so they are always attached and you cant' ever lose them. The last gift was a dinosaur coloring book. She already had the same one, but she'd already colored it all up, so she was so excited to have a blank one to color in now. However a few nights ago I decided to get rid of the old one so I threw it out, and then a couple nights later Zoe saw the coloring book on her bed and said "Mommy this is my old book, where is my new one the nice ladies brought me?" and I said "What are you talking about that is your new one!" and she said "No it's not, this has stickers on the front and it's all colored up". And I inwardly thought "OH CRAP"...I threw out the wrong one!!!! So the next day or so I went to Wal Mart and got her another one (it was only 97 cents and even though I'm out of a job and temping for only $11 an hour I figured I could spare 97 cents for my little girl).

Zoe has not officially made her wish yet. The purpose of their visit was to just meet her and gauge her interests and then later she will officially "wish" for something. I think it will be definitely something dinosaur related. She has hit on the idea of "digging up dinosaur bones and dinosaur eggs". I saw on the Make a Wish site that another kid wished for something similar, and they got her to go on an actual dig with archaeologists. She ended up finding a prehistoric turtle I believe. Now, that is really cool but I think an actual dig might be a bit boring and involved for a 4 year old (the other child was 8 or 9 I think). Any ideas? I thought perhaps a trip to a good dinosaur museum, talking to archaeologists/paleontologists and maybe a simulated "dig" where she could dig in the dirt and actually find things but maybe the bones and eggs would be either planted there or plaster casts so she would be guaranteed to find something. That way she'd know about the process but not have the potential disappointment of being on an actual dig and not finding anything cool, not to mention the tedium involved in a real dig with brushing nonstop with toothbrushes and tiny little chipping tools. I think an older kid would be interested in that but a 4 year old might lose interest, even if they do have an all consuming interest in dinosaurs.


Mix Family said...

oh my goodness, the dinosaur drama! at least you were able to find the coloring book at a good price! i hope your temp job is working out well for you! i love your comments on my blog and you were exactly right about tiny places in the keys were, i believe, in the cockpit. i had no idea that zoe had such a struggle with her heart. i had open heart surgery at 3 months and have an awesome scar to prove it. lets find a night that works for you and we'll have you over for dinner!

Scribbit said...

I think each of my kids has gone through a dinosaur mania--going on a dig would be fabulous.

Laurel Nelson said...

Oh my gosh Kathryn! I did not know that!! That actually is pretty cool (looking back now of course) - what defect did you have? I would love to get together, sounds fun!