Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zoe's Wish!

Tonight James very helpfully told me as I was making Zoe's bed (because she peed in it last night since it was the 2nd time she's gone to bed with undies and not pullups) that the Make a Wish ladies were coming back to the house tonight to find out Zoe's wish. I was like "What?? When did they call you?" and he said "Um...last week...but they called today to remind me", and I of course said "gee thanks..." very sarcastically of are useless at taking phone messages. He told me a couple days ago that someone called for me but he didn't know who, the number said "unknown" on the caller ID - I looked that evening and it wasn't unknown at all!!!

Anyway, I'm getting off point here. The point is, the 2 volunteers came over tonight with a special cake for Zoe to make her wish with. It was so cute. She put all the candles on it in a circle and they told her that when the candles were lit, we would count 1 2 3 and she would have to say what her wish was really loud so that their special wishing wand could hear it and grant her wish. She was so funny, she wanted to blow out the candles before they were quite all lit, and she yelled "I wish to go dig up dinosaur things" really loud. My camera was running out of batteries and I didn't know it, so I only got this one picture, but you can see Zoe with her cake before we lit the candles.
Luckily, we knew from their prior visit that we would most likely be going in a "dinosaur" direction with her wish, so the volunteers brought some info with them on this place in Texas called Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose Texas (a little southwest of Dallas it looks like) which has some cool fossilized dino footprints in a riverbed, and a place where you can dig for fossils, and a dinosaur park with over 100 life sized dinosaur statues. Looks pretty cool! They also had told us before that wishes wished for now would be granted in the springtime sometime, so I guess when Zoe is done with preschool for the year (at the end of May) we'll be headed to Texas for her wish trip! Yay! I think this will be so fun for her!!! So if anyone wants to drive to Texas in the springtime I'd be happy to see you!!!

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Scribbit said...

How fun--and what memories. I hope you'll post pictures of the trip!