Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Now I'm sad

After writing my ode to my dress yesterday, I'm not gonna get to go to the Christmas party after all. Waah! James doesn't want to go, and it's no fun by yourself, and we can't afford the babysitting either there at the hotel or here at home because we'd need someone to sleep over with the girls, plus they've been acting suspicious all week like they might be getting a bit sick, so I figured the other parents would not want my girls sharing any germs in close quarters. The company has a few rooms out of their giant block set aside for babysitting, but it's going to be like 20 kids smashed into like 2 rooms because 2 are going to be set aside for sleeping. I'm so sad. But there's no backing out now because I emailed the girl who's planning the whole thing and told her we couldn't go, so now I get to go back to Nordstrom and return my dress. Oh well. Perhaps it will fund a nice present or 2 for the girls.


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Total bummer...we did go out tonight but it just wasn't the same