Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bless Nordstrom

So I have a company Christmas party coming up on Friday. It's at the Alyeska Prince Hotel in Girdwood and is supposed to be "semi-formal". Me, being the pretty casual girl I am - other than church clothes- had NOTHING that would work. I had to get a new dress for it last year and that was horrible too since I was 7 months pregnant, and couldn't wear anything that was actually CUTE. So, I had been wanting to get a dress for ages, but thought I should at least see what is here in town before I ordered online. First I went to David's Bridal because I wanted to see if they had any decent dresses - they did but NONE HAD SLEEVES! Oh sure I could have gotten a jacket or something, but I just kept thinking "what if I want to take it off if I get hot??" No no, that will not do. So next I went to Gottschalks. Well, I don't know how there selection was because I could hardly see it - that's how hidden and minuscule I felt it was. I was so sad. By the way, this was this past Friday - the day after Thanksgiving. On Saturday, I went to the 5th Avenue mall and hit up Nordstrom (I do love Nordstrom). I went to their dress section and after poking around a bit it was clear the dress gods were favoring me! (Cue the angelic music) I had MULTIPLE options to choose from and they all had sleeves!!!! Oh yay! Now, I know I have not been through the temple because my husband is not active in church, and so we were not married in the temple, but I still like to maintain some semblance of modesty where I can, so having sleeves was a non-negotiable. Here are the 3 options I had to choose from in the end:Now the 3rd option picture is not exactly the dress I tried on because Nordstrom didn't have it on their site. The one I tried on is longer and has tiers in the skirt - although it is purple and the neckline and sleeves are pretty much the same.
Option 3 is the one I went with, by the way, but it was a tough decision! And for those of you ladies who want a modest dress (or relatively so) Nordstrom does have quite a few options online that have sleeves and don't leave everything hanging out for the world to see. Bless Nordstrom!

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Kathryn said...

I love Nordstrom too! The purple dress will look great on you! The shade of plum will really complement your skin tone and I love the tiers!